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Silk Jersey

This line works with the delight of this elegant fabric draping down and around the figure.  The comfort and sensual feel of the shapes are both easy and striking while the natural cling of the jersey allows natural flirtatious movement...

All silk jersey items are available in a choice of four colours: purple/blue, raspberry rose pink, lemon green and black.




Baby doll sailor dress green.jpg (1301203 bytes)A half circle forms this collared mini sailor dress in double silk jersey.  Style E001.








Sailor dress purple.jpg (1303003 bytes)Purple version of the double silk jersey mini sailor collar dress.  Style E001.








Pink backless draped dress 2.jpg (1189152 bytes)Elegant double layered silk jersey draped evening backless dress with a straight front.  Style E002.







Pink and purple circle dress.jpg (113256 bytes)An easy-to-wear straight  silk jersey dress with colour circles splicing through the shape to give flattering curves to the body a fun day/evening piece.  Style E019.








Blue tube dress.jpg (1374605 bytes) Silk jersey sexy slinky bandage day or evening dress.  Style E020.









Pale mint green wrap dress.jpg (1329904 bytes) A classic silk jersey wrap over dress with a free form draped ruffle embroidered edge.  Style E007.








Ballerina dress blue.jpg (1280662 bytes) Ballerina style double layered bias-cut floaty dress.  Style E012.









Pink and green chiffon top with pink wrap skirt.jpg (1386021 bytes)Silk printed chiffon double layered bow tied top (available in another colour combination  - fuchsia, orange and dark raspberry).  Style A015.

Raspberry corduroy and silk chameuse skirt.  Style B004.







Bias tea dress & spaghetti strap dress 1.jpg (1298975 bytes)Raspberry rose pink bias cut draped day dress.  Knee length - style E009 300/$450 or long - style E010.

Lemon green bias cut spaghetti strap dress.  Style E015.







Sailor top and cord trousers.jpg (1288240 bytes)Double silk jersey circular top with sailor collar and snap closure at sides.  Style A004.


Lilac corduroy trousers with slit outside leg and bound in lime green silk.  Style C005.






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