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The Specials

These are couture pieces that flow from the design process to produce something refreshing and unique.

A printed leather dress with pleated organza contains elements of purity and modernity splicing together contrasts in fabric.

The pleated organza bell skirt and Pierrot top is reminiscent of a child's party costume.

Other outfits draw one back to other times...

These are all made-to order items.


Pink frilly trousers and top.jpg (1526210 bytes)French cotton lace disco top.  Style A001.

French cotton lace hipster trousers.  Style C002.







Flamingo skirt with Seymour.jpg (1339467 bytes)French tulle flamingo skirt.  Style B005.

Printed silk chiffon bow tie shirt.  Style A015.




Leather frill top and leather bustle shorts.jpg (956145 bytes)Wedding Page Girl outfit:

Laser cut leather and French lace ruffle dress shirt.  Style A008.

laser cut leather and French lace bustle hot pants.  Style C006. 






Leather print dress with purple pleat.jpg (1259993 bytes)Printed leather asymmetric dress with organza pleat.  Style E018.








Spotty pink dress side.jpg (1395497 bytes)Satin faced organza encased in flocked tulle draped to form a one piece dress/coat.  Style E017.








Spotty pink dress front.jpg (1478853 bytes)Front view.








Mohair twinset.jpg (1627178 bytes)Mohair/cashmere set, available in white, vivid green, soft pink and soft purple.

Asymmetric delicate cardigan.  Style A005.

Bias cut shoulder closing t-shirt (not shown).  Style A003.

Kimono sleeve jumper.  Style A014.

Mohair/cashmere and printed silk bias cut handkerchief hem knee length skirt.  Style B003.



Chiffon dress spinning.jpg (1166458 bytes)Triple layered printed silk chiffon dress.  Bow tie neck and wrap over waist bow.  Style E013.








Silk chameuse spaghetti strap dress.  Style E024.

worn under

French flocked tulle bias-cut draped evening dress.  Style E025.






Pleated skirt and top .jpg (713110 bytes)Silk organza pleated and sculpted from one piece of fabric to form a delicate top.  Style A013.


Silk organza pleated puffball skirt with turquoise silk lining.  Style B006.






Tea coat back view.jpg (1153760 bytes)Bias cut silk crepe tea coat with fur collar and botton.  Lined in printed silk chameuse.  Style D003.








Wedding dress side view.jpg (1700015 bytes)Wedding dress.  Laser cut leather with French cotton lace lining and bustle.  Style E016.









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