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Victoria's Degree collection was shown at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London in July 1999.  Previous shows were at the BhS Student Fashion Awards in June 1999 and the Moet et Chandon Fashion Awards in 1997.

Every piece in the collection was hand printed.  There are exciting mixtures of silk tulle and leather, layer upon layer of printed net overlapping and always use of vibrant colour which is Victoria's trademark...


Hand painted silk jersey top with printed wrap-over silk tulle skirt









Purple silk dress.jpg (396105 bytes)Silk slip dress with print








Silk tulle printed top, printed leather skirt with tulle bustle










Rose print dress.jpg (428301 bytes)Pink silk dress with rose print








Mongolian lamb wrap with printed silk wrap skirt






Green print coat.jpg (372867 bytes)Wool coat with orange abstract print









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