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Cotton - in all its forms...


These sophisticated yet child-like shapes have a rare innocence.  The Swiss embroidered fabric is machine washable and lightweight.  These pieces are for Summer daywear.

The cotton appliqué are available in four colours:  white/purple, white/red, white/green and white/black.




Group_of_three_cotton_dresses.jpg (1538051 bytes)From rear to front:

Red and white dress - mini baby-doll.  Style E003.

Green and white dress.  School-girl day dress with Peter Pan collar.  Style E023.

Purple and white top with matching Oxford hipster trousers.  Style C003.





SPOTTY~2.jpg (240063 bytes) Front:  Red and white top Style A006.  Red and white skirt.  Style B002.

Back:  Sleeveless cotton voile top with flocked tulle collar.  Style A011.





A fun geometric print on an intriguing shimmering machine washable fabric.  The shapes are hip and urban with a kitsch twist.



Backless sundress.jpg (1503018 bytes)Asymmetric backless sundress in printed cotton.  Style E014.









Backless sundress side.jpg (1279658 bytes)Side view E014, as above.








Rock and roll jacket and kilt.jpg (1134678 bytes)Biker style printed cotton jeans jacket.  Style D001.

Printed cotton pleated kilt.  Style B001.






Strapless sundress.jpg (1393869 bytes)Strapless printed cotton sundress.  Style E005.









Cotton spot trouser suit.jpg (1442966 bytes)Sleeveless shirt/jacket with magnetic fastenings.  Style A009.

Flat fronted belted narrow leg hipster trousers.  Style C007.










Giving a softness and sophistication to the toughness of corduroy...


Long_sleeve_ruff_cotton_top_with_wraparound_skirt.jpg (237736 bytes)Cotton voile Pierrot shirt with flocked tulle ruffle and gathered detail on bell sleeve.  Style A012.

Lilac corduroy and silk chameuse skirt.  Style B004.





Purple trouser suit.jpg (494219 bytes)Lilac corduroy jacket with lime green silk bound seams.  Style D002.

Lilac corduroy trousers with slit outside leg and bound in lime green silk.  Style C005.





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